Wednesday, 5 September 2012

I'm Back! August Faves!!

Howdy Ho Peeps!!

I'm real sorry that I have left you to defend for yourselves! I have been mega busy and in between celebrated my 30th birthday.......YES, the BIG 30!
There was a part of me that was slightly depressed, turning 30. However, after looking back through the years, I realised that I have achieved quite a lot! And 30 is not mega old, is it?!!

So I missed most of August on here, but that didn't stop me from purchasing a few things! So I will let you know what I bought and what I used and liked throughout August.

Kicking off with a hair product, I have been using HASK Argan Oil Healing Shine Treatment.
It comes in a tiny 18ml bottle and I got this from Primark and it only cost me £2.50 a bottle. Your probably thinking that 18ml is not that big of a bottle, and your right it's not! Although, you only need a tiny bit of this stuff as it's a pure oil and too much will only make your hair looking like a grease ball! I use a 2p size amount for my hair, but my hair is very long and pass my bra strap when down. So if shorter use less.
It contains Keratin Amino Acids, Jojoba and a whole load of other stuff, and I have even compared it to many other oils that are similar. And to be honest the ingredients are practically the same to the more expensive ones.
I use this mainly on damp hair, but you can use it on dry too. I massage it from root to tip and then style as normal. It smells incredible and makes my hair shiny and very healthy looking too. I give this a huge thumbs up and have already purchased another bottle!

Another fantastic item/s that I got were the Collection 2000 Lasting Colour Gel Eyeliner.

They come in 4 colours, Black, Brown, Teal and Gold. I only purchased the teal and gold as I have the other colours in other eyeliners. They cost £4.99 each and for that price they are a real bargain! They are really pigmented and last for hours. The teal dries very matt, but the gold has a slight shimmer to it.

To make the colour really pop, you could also add a black eyeliner first, then one of these colours over the top or beside it.

They also come with a little brush, which for me I find hard work. Only because I feel that I need a longer handle to have control. But maybe for a beginner, these would be great. They also include instructions on the back of the box. I love these little pots and I think they are a great price too, for such good quality gel liner. You can buy these either in Superdrug or boots or online and I really think you should go out and buy them and give them a whirl!!

Let me know what you think if you buy any of these products, or if you simply need a hand with any tips or question then please contact me or leave a comment! Also please like my Facebook Page and you will be entered in a free prize draw to win £50.00 worth of make-up.

I will be in contact more often guys and I promise I won't leave it so long till the next blog!

Love and Hugs

Jay xxx

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