Tuesday, 11 September 2012

MUA-Make-Up Acadamy


I have to tell you about some eyeshadows. They are not new, but they do have some new colours in, which are absolutely fantastic and the pigment is out of this world!

They are by MUA-Make-Up Acadamy and you can purchase these in Superdrug. They do many colours and they also do other products. But, the price is ridiculous! For 2grams of eyeshadow, you only pay £1.00 per pot. Yes, you did read correct........ONE WHOLE POUND!!

For the quality of these eyeshadows, the price is mental and they will last you for quite a long time too!

As I said earlier, they come in many colours. But the colours that stood out to me where the ones below.

 From left to right:

The first colour is new and it's Shade 24-Pearl, the middle one is Shade 6-Pearl and the last colour is Shade 11-Pearl.

Shade 24 Pearl is like a pinky copper/bronze colour. Shade 6 Pearl is a very bright cool green and Shade 11 Pearl is a deep bronze/brown. They are all very stunning!

Below I have swatched them on my hand.

When I swatched these, I literally ran my finger through the pigments once and this is the result. Amazing ay?!! Simply beautiful!

You should try them if you haven't, and if you have tried them.....then buy some more!!

Plus they don't test on animals.....yay!! I have made a promise to my friend and to myself that I will find out if products are used on animals. If they are, I will not buy them. If not, I will buy them and wear them with pride!!

Lots of Love

Jay xxx

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