Monday, 8 July 2013

MUA Makeup Madness Monday #2

I promised every Monday, to review an MUA product. I did miss a Monday because I had to go to an important shoot that was held in London, so therefore I am truly sorry. Jay Chapman's Wells Studio has gone mental in the last couple of weeks, so I'm afraid my business/clients come first.

But, lets not distract from the attention and get on with it.................

I am in love with the MUA eyeshadow palettes. They are just INSANE and the undressed palette that I reviewed before, I have nearly hit pan on some of them already! Oops!

So without further a-do I want to show you the Poptastic Palette

Look at all the pretty colours!!!! Aren't they cute?!

Again, it comes with a sponge applicator. But in all fairness, I throw them away, as I think they do NOTHING for make-up application anyways. Also, with MUA eyeshadows, they can have a lot of fall out. So do the eye make-up first, clean away any fall out underneath the eye and then, do the rest of the face.....(sorry MUA!)

But as for pigmentation and price goes (a whole £4.00 from Superdrug), again, they have come up trumps! Oh MUA, what would we ever do without you now?!!!!

Lots of Love

Jay xxx

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