Monday, 30 September 2013

Veil Cover Cream

Sometimes a foundation or a concealer just doesn't cut it. Especially, when you want that tattoo covered up, what you got done when you were 16 years old and now your walking down the isle for that big special day.
Or sadly, you got burnt and it has left you with either severe redness and damaged skin in places, that you just don't want the world to see.

Whatever the reason maybe, there are special types of make-up to help with all sorts of skin problems.

The one that I know of and that I know of well, is the Veil Cover Cream. To be honest, the picture you see is actually the old style of products. I have had mine a while, but it's still going strong!

I have had mine a while, only because the smallest amount (and when I mean smallest, I mean tiny!) Goes seriously a long, long way. The consistency in the texture has a very velvety feel, thick (but not cakey) and its super/super pigmented. 

If you are a make-up artist or training to be one or your simply looking for something to cover high pigmentation, then this is the palette for you. As you can see it ranges from light to very dark colours and it even comes in other colours, to colour correct skin pigmentation. Not only that, it come with a small pot of finishing powder, to lock in the foundation. 

This is actually a demonstration kit. But perfect for someone like me, as I usually go to do a wedding make-up and someone has always got a tattoo that they want covering. And because it has all the correction colours, it usually covers in no time.

It costs around £40, but seriously worth every penny. Not only that, if you go to their website there are many tutorials, helpful info and you can even give them a call for that extra great bit of customer service. They have tons of other products, and even skin care. Definitely go check them out. CLICK HERE

Lots of love

Jay xxx 

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