Thursday, 3 October 2013

Avon Infinitize Mascara

Hey My Little Birds!

In my last video (to watch click here), I stated that I absolutely love Avon Mascara's. 
That I do, and for a very long time, I have had this mascara in my 'blogging pile'.

From time to time I have used it and then put it back. But this week I have given it a really good go, so I can share with you my thoughts.

As always, lets start with the packaging......ORANGE! Ok, so I can deal with an orange mascara. Lets face it, you are never gonna loose it amongst the other bits and bobs in your make-up bag! Its very slender, with silver text and all joking a side, it actually feels nice to hold, along with the wand cap too.

The wand reminds me of the Benefit, They're Real. Plastic, with very sparse bristles and at the end of the wand, you have a ball of bristles, that are great for the bottom lashes. However, this wand curves slightly, unlike the Benefit They're Real. I have to admit, it does take getting some used too, but like anything, it's like riding a bike after so many goes!

The Important Bit: What is it supposed to do?

Well on their website it claims that it Contains lash sculpting, lengthening fibres and curling molecule to help shape and set lash curve and length for 24 hours.

Well, anybody that wears their mascara for 24 hours, must be crazy! First of all, I can't stay awake for longer than about 15 hours and second of all, why would you want to wear mascara for 24 hours??!! And just for the record, I am NOT wearing this for 24 hours just to share with you!
But, what I can tell you is that, it does last well on the eyelashes. I am up most mornings at 7am and have my make-up on by 8am. Then I work all day and probably don't wash my face until about 9pm. 13-14 hours of wearing mascara is good enough, surely? 

I notice that it doesn't crumble away plus, I have it in black, and black it does stay. I am not gonna say it's the best mascara out there, as I do find it a little wet? Although, like most mascara's, maybe after a couple of weeks use, it will get better. I'm sure it will. 

As for the little ball of bristles at the end of the wand, I think this is great. Here are some photos of before and after.............

So in a nut shell, yes I think it's a good mascara. I think for £10.00 it's a little pricey. But, as you can see, after 2 coats there is a considerable big difference. 

What do you think?? Let me know in the comments below.

If you want to buy the product, check out Avons website here


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