Thursday, 24 October 2013

John Frieda Luxurious Volume For Fine Hair + Competition Time! xxx

First of all I would like to thank John Frieda *cough* and Hannah, for sending me these products. They are greatly appreciated.
I would like to inform ALL readers, even though that they were given to me, I will still provide my full, 110% honest review.

I am John Frieda fan and from time to time (about once a week to be precise!) I do use their Sheer Blonde Range. The only reason that I use it once a week, is because I like to use many different shampoos and conditioners. I use them on alternate days, as sometimes I feel that I may need to pump my hair full of keratin or maybe, I just need to use a deep conditioning range. So yeah, I use whatever I feel that my hair is in need for, at the time!

My hair strands are fine, I just have a lot of them, which makes my hair reasonably thick. Also, my hair is very long, pass my bra strap, which can then lead my hair to be very flat and lanky. So when John Frieda contacted me to try out their volume range, I was very delighted.  

First of all, I washed my hair with the
Touchably Full Shampoo and Conditioner.
(In the voice of Janice from friends) OOOOH MYYYY GAAAD! The smell is so, so good. So good, that you could almost eat it! Its so fresh and if you are using this in the morning, it will make you feel super zingy and awake! 

The Shampoo claims that it cleanses without stripping for a natural look and feel.  
I use only a small amount for my long hair and it does really lather up, plus the suds do feel soft on the hair, but yet cleansing.

The Conditioner claims that it detangles while conditioning for a natural look and feel. 
Usually, I can tell in an instance whether a conditioner is going to be good for my hair, due to the feel of it when in the bath or shower. Again, a little goes a long way and I can honestly say that I felt this, was going to make my hair feel silky and soft.

Once I have finished those 2 steps, I then rinse my hair and then as usual, "ring it out." When ringing my hair out, I'm not sure if its just me, it does feel thicker in my hands, once I have used this, compared to any of my other shampoos and conditioners. Now, I know my hair is full of water, which in theory is going to make it feel thicker. But this makes it feel totally different. I guess what I am trying to say, it doesn't feel super slimy and silky after I have used another conditioner?!! It does feel thicker, even at this stage.
I then towel dry and next I use the:

Blow Dry Lotion Root Booster

Again, the smell is incredible and the bottle is a great size for easy, to handle use. It states on the bottle that it 
lifts roots for extra crown volume
It also directs that this should be used, just on the crown area. So this is exactly what I do! Part my hair in about five different sections at the crown area and spray in the roots only.  
Next, I then use the Fine to Full Blow Out Spray 

This is actually a miniature bottle, however you can get bigger sizes. And yes, the smell is a beaut!
I use this in the other sections of my roots, obviously avoiding my crown area. It states that it
Creates Natural Fullness For The Look and Feel of More Hair.
Then what I do is, I just massage my scalp and disperse all the product in the root area and then try and bring it down the hair shaft. Then style as desired.
I usually just dry it with a heat protection!

The Results

Who ever is reading this and you want full, voluptuous hair, for a fair price, then this stuff must be in your hair care routine. There is a massive difference! My hair smells great, feels weightless and it also lasts a long time, in between washes. Not only that, if your one of the clever ones and can actually blow dry your hair with a round brush, then I bet your hair will be as tall as Marge Simpsons! I am seriously impressed. So impressed, I have even gone out to buy it for my mum and sisters. So thank you John Frieda, my bank balance is now going to be even smaller, because I will buying this all the ruddy time!!


John Frieda are doing massive giveaways on their FACEBOOK PAGE everyday, until the 28/10/2013. You too, can win anything from bottles of shampoo and conditioner, facials or hair tools. Click on the facebook link above, like their page and see what you can win. Its as easy as that!




  1. Great post, I always love the John Frieda hair ranges they smell so nice and really do have amazing results!!


    1. Hey Lauren! I am super impressed with these. I reckon thats why they send them out to bloggers, because they know they are so good. Therefore, we keep buying them!!! Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Hope your well xxx

  2. I really love the John Frieda brand! All of the products i've tried from them so far have been really lovely. I am using and loving the full repair at the moment, but when they run out I think i'll have to give these a go - they sounds lush! xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. You will die and go to heaven! They smell divine! xxx