Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Olay Regenerist 30 Second Wrinkle Filler xxx

Hey My Birds!

I feel almost depressed writing this post. Even the title makes me wanna cry....'Wrinkle Filler' Doesn't sound good for me, does it?!

So I saw this on offer, in a shop called the Factory Shop. I think usually it costs around £18.00, but I got it for a bargain price of £3.00. It was in one of those sale bins by the till and for that price, it would have been rude not to buy it!

Its packaging is pretty basic. Its very similar to the porefessional by Benefit. However, it does have a very slender applicator that is very easy to use and it makes it very precise for application.

I like the fact that you can use it without putting it on your fingers and not have the worry of squeezing out too much. It very controllable and great for putting on the areas where needed.

As per usual, it has instructions on the back and directs that it needs to be used after a moisturiser and apply small amount to the prone areas. I applied it around my eyes, forehead, around my mouth and chin. In fact, pretty much everywhere!
The texture is very soft and feels very silicone based. It almost feels a little oily, which did worry me as I thought, it could make me look very greasy throughout the day. Although, I have tried it under my makeup for most of this week, and to be honest I really, really like it.


Its very lightweight when on the skin and it seems to even out my skin tone slightly. Once I have covered the areas needed, I then put on my makeup as usual. In a nut shell, its a primer! But a very good one at that. It lets my foundation glide on easily, holds my makeup into place, last all day and doesn't crease and does fill in my fine lines. My skin feels super soft overall once its on.

I really like this product and if you compare it to the porefessional by Benefit, thats £22, then £18 a tube for the Olay 30 Second Wrinkle Filler is not bad after all.

Have you tried this before? If so, what did you think of it?




  1. Ooh this sounds so promising! I love those factory like shops, you can get some right bargains! Lovely review honey xxx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. I have decided, I am in love with this product. I would even say, its on parr, if not better, than my old faithful porefessional by benefit. I never thought I would say that....eeekkk!!! Hope your well Gemma xxx