Monday, 14 October 2013

Sunkissed Tan

We are all looking for that sunskissed tan, especially when autumn seems to arrive. Well, I do anyways! I seem to become lifeless, pasty and blue when the cold sets in! So what better way to perk yourself up, other than with a wee glow.

Now, without sounding big headed, I know my tans pretty well. I trained in London to become a tan expert and not only that, I know the perfect way to get the best looking tan from most tanning range. So if you carry on reading, I will share with you my top tips!
But first of all lets talk about the Instant Self Tanning Mousse, in the colour Dark Bronze by Sunkissed.

I actually picked this little baby up in Primark. Now some of you are probably thinking...."Are you crazy?!"
Well to some of you, maybe I am? However, most tanning products have the same basics in them. They may add a few extra ingredients to make it their own product. But, they all work the same by reacting with your sugars on the surface of your skin. So no, cheap brands don't scare me. Infact, I think sometimes they are better.

Ok, ok......yes it looks like someone or something has done a massive poop on my hand! But, I can assure you that this is safe. This is the colour of the mousse when pumped out and then, when you rub it into the skin, you do have slight heart failure, with the words "holy feck" going around inside your head! It really looks like you have rolled around in pigs swill! The colour is INTESNE! However, I do like it when they have a colour guide, because I need to know where I have been. That way you haven't missed any parts.

In my eyes, you always need a tanning mitt and gloves when working with mousse. The reason for that is; if you just use your naked hand, 
Number 1: it will stain your palm, 
Number 2: the mouse will dissolve into a watery mess and  
Number 3: your tan will 99% of the time, go streaky (never a good look!) 

We want sunkissed goddess, not streaky pig bacon! 

A little goes a long way and because you use a mitt, the mousse is then soaked up, and that way, you can spread it over the skin very easily. The whole process, took me about 10 minutes (with the help of my partner. He had to do my back!)

So as you can see the before and after picture, there is only very slight difference. But, I think this is the perfect colour, when we are hitting the winter. It does give you that perfect healthy glow. So for me, its a winner.

However, if you are someone who is looking for a darker tan or who is darker skinned than myself (and I am very pale) then this product wont be for you. In some ways, it can be miss leading. You would think that the label insinuates that its going to be a dark tan. Even when you put it on, you think to yourself, that you may not leave it on for the full 8 hours, because it is so intense. However, most of it washes off. And yes, I even slept in mine, so I had it on longer than 8 hours.

In a nutshell, I love this tan! It smells gorgeous like coco butter, it is very easy to apply and does not cling to any of the parts such as writs and elbows. The colour is pwerfect! But do keep in mind that this wont be for someone who wants that dark, rich look.


  • The night before you tan, exfoliate either in the shower or bath, shave (if you shave) and then dry yourself well and then moisturise EVERYWHERE (well almost everywhere!!). If you moisturise on the day of the tan, it will only act as a barrier. Hence a streaky tan.
  • The day of your tan, don't wear any deodorant. Your pits will go green (great if you were wanting to look like Shrek!) 
  • If your using mousse, use a tanning mitt, at the very least. Even better, wear gloves and a mitt, as sometimes the tan will soak through the mitt and onto your palms, staining them.
  • Do your hands and feet last. There will be enough tan on the mitt to cover them. Best to use less, as these parts of the body can become very dry.
  • Get a face wipe and wipe each individual nail on hands a feet, also wipe palms and the part in between each finger (the webbed bit of skin, part!) 
  • Wear very loose clothing 
  • Sit back and then go to bed (but don't sweat and no sex!!!)
  • In the morning, wash off until the colour runs clear. Only use soap where you need too!
  • Pat dry only
  • Moisturise everyday, preferably with an oil free moisturiser. (Oils can take off your tan quicker)  
  • Exfoliate every 2 days very lightly. This will lighten the tan gradually, instead of fading patchy.  

Hope this helps you all and let me know how you get on. Plus if you want to buy sunkissed tan, just click here



  1. these are great tips! I definitely turn into a bit of a tanoholic this time of year!

    abi x

    1. Hey Abi! Thanks so much for stopping by. For the price of this bottle, I will definitely be buying this again! Can't wait to read more blogs from yourself too! x

  2. What a shame it's not too dark, but for paleys like me - it sounds PERFECT hahaha! xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. As Miss Makeup Magpie! Thanks for stopping by, pleasure having you here! For a cheapo, it's not bad at all. Will defo be using this again. Also, it doesn't dry your skin, unlike the st moritz xxx

    2. As Miss Makeup Magpie! Thanks for stopping by, pleasure having you here! For a cheapo, it's not bad at all. Will defo be using this again. Also, it doesn't dry your skin, unlike the st moritz xxx

  3. I need to try this!! hate paying loads for fake tans that claim to be the best... st moriz is one of my faves so i must try this xx

    1. Hey Becky! Seriously try this, its worth a go. I used to love the St Moritz, but boy, it really dried me out and made me itchy. This doesn't do that! Yay!


  4. Hello, great post, By the way... I have nominated you for an award over at my blog :) go check it out

    1. Wow, that is sooooo sweet of you, thank you so much! I don't know what to say. I will come and join you on GFC connect, right.....NOW! xxx