Tuesday, 1 October 2013

W7 Brow Bar

Pinch, punch, its the first of the month and all that! Yes, it's that bit closer to Christmas too......sorry I said the C word, but its such a great time of year! Anyways.............................

W7 is not a company that you come across everyday. Infact, I don't think I have heard it at all. However, when it comes to make up and cosmetics, I will try anything (well, almost!)

First of all I picked this up for about £3.00, maybe four? It was a while ago now, but I know it was super cheap! I found this in a store call The Factory Shop and they do many things from kids toys, to fashion, garden thing-y ma-jiggys and obviously make-up!

As you can see from the piccy that, for 4 whole English pounds, you get a lot of equipment! It contains a quad palette of eyebrow shadows, 3 stencils and 3 brushes. (one small, that's in the palette, one angled brush and a eyebrow comb/brush.) and you know what, they are not bad. Great for your first time brow palette anyways!

Moving onto the shadows themselves.........

They are numbered 1-4. Number one being the highlighter, 2 being a very reddish/brown (you will have to trust me on that, as the photo hasn't picked it up so well), 3 is a dark brown and 4 is a very dark charcoal/black colour. So a good range of colours. Not so good if your fair, as they can come out quite red or dark. However, that being said, a great little palette. I will say that the shadows themselves can be very powdery, if that makes sense? There seems to be a lot of fall out, which can be a pain if you do your base first. 

I'm not gonna kick this to the curb just yet because this palette is awesome for contouring. There are not many cheap matte palettes like this. Infact, I do not come across many at all. They usually have some sort of shimmery/shine to them. But this really doesn't. The only one that has a slight shimmer, is the highlighter. But thats ok!

So, yes I will be using this in the future and yes, I think its an amazing little buy. Not disappointed at all. Im very intrigued to try out more things from W7.

Have any of you tried this brand, if so, what? Comment below.

Lots of Love

Jay xxx

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