Thursday, 28 November 2013

Heaven by Debrorah Mitchell

To be honest I am really lazy (I'm not sure if that's the right word?!) Perhaps unenthusiastic is a better word, when it comes to body washes and shower gels. As long as they clean right?!

When I received this, it was a product that I kind of tossed to the side and thought, I will deal with that later! But then such is life and I ran out of body wash, then it came to my rescue!

First of all I have never heard of the company Heaven, so started looking into it. With it, I did receive a booklet and a couple of other bits and bobs and realised this company caters for a lot of people with luxurious products. They do a lot of body products, as well as facial products too. So luxurious, that I will only use this when I am in the bathroom.....the partner can use his bog standard mens body wash!

Heaven is a company that really wants to look after the skin and only uses oils and moisture that plumps the skin and nurtures everybody's needs.

When pumping this into your hands to lather up, the smell really hits you. Its really strong, but definitely not in an offensive way. I think its so gorgeous and fresh. You can really smell the lemon grass. It lathers up well and does have an almost tingly feeling to it, when applied to the skin. Also, if you know me and my OCD ways of cleaning, I love the fact that it contains anti bacterial ingredients too! I have to admit, when in the bath, I did seem to relax a whole lot more and after cleaning my skin, the whole bathroom was infused with lemon grass *Ahhhhhhh, Heaven!* Excuse the pun! 

So yes its a after sports wash, but that doesn't matter to me. Sports or not, I am one happy lady!! This certainly made me feel good and squeeky clean, without feeling dry. Not only that, I smelt the freshness of the lemon grass on my skin for hours after, which made me feel invigorated throughout the day.
Have you heard of Heaven before? 

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