Friday, 13 December 2013

Beauty UK Posh Polish. First Impressions xxx

Hey guys!

This is going to be my first, first impressions post for you today.

These are all great for the Christmas Season. I am particularly loving the colour Berry Burst. Such a beautiful colour. In fact they all are.

Beauty UK are a really affordable makeup brand and prices start at around £2.49 upwards. But, when I say upwards, nothing is too expensive. To be honest, I have never really got anything from the company before. But judging by these amazing quality polishes, I will be trying out some other products for sure. You know me, I love a bargain!

On the swatches I was amazed by how dense the glitters were. Usually I am not a fan of glitter polish because they are just too sheer and they are usually really tight with the glitter! However, not with these, they are jammed packed!

The first too colours (from left too right) have an actual colour base, with glitter added and as you can see the blue has a clear base with blue glitter. On all of the swatches I only applied 2 coats and no top coat. As you can see, with only 2 coats the colour pay off is really great. I cant tell you how they wear and if they wear well, because I haven't actually tried them on my own nails. However, I will be using these in the salon. Also, from my experiment from glitters, they are a real bugger to get off, so I can only imagine that these will be fine!

As soon as my gel polish needs to come off, Berry Burst is definitely going on my tips!

What are your thoughts and have you tried these out?

Big Love


  1. The blue looks like a lovely top coat for a festive look! Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. Im doing my nails today, and cant wait to rock one of these bad boys out! xxx