Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Miss Sporty 10 Day Lasting Nail Polish

For me and my salon, nail varnish was the thing of the past. Gel Polish is by far, the most worn nail swagger used and will always be used! Although, Nail Varnish is making a pretty good come back and I do have the odd client asking for a good old fashioned manicure.

I realised that I didn't have a good variety of colours and shades. So off I went to my local Superdug Store to purchase quite a few, to say the least!

The 2 that stood out to me, were these Miss Sporty Nail Varnishes. They claim that they are like a gel and last upto 10 days on the nail and for only £1.99, I couldn't resist! 

The colours that I got were Brown This Way and Its Too Latte. Brown This Way is a gorgeous hot chocolate colour and Its Too Latte is a cute peachy, beige colour. Both colours super wearable and classic, that will go with any outfit.

The brush in these bottles are a bigger size than normal and to apply, these are super quick and easy, without the product going gloopy and snagging. The colour pay off is immense and if you were in a hurry, one coat would be fine. However, I always go for 2 and the best thing about it, you don't need a top coat....A-MA-ZING!

The big question is.....do they last for upto 10 days?

I was out for the weekend and painted my nails with Brown This Way. That was Saturday at around 2pm and its now Tuesday at about 11am. I have some chips and snags, but nothing out the way. And lets not forget, I am always working with my hands and acetone etc. So for £1.99, this gets good top marks from myself. I will definitely buy some more colours and I can only imagine, with my Seche Vite this will be a a match made in heaven!

Have you teamed these up with your Seche Vite?

Big Love


  1. I haven't heard of these. Sounds like a good buy. I really like the It's Too Latte color.


    1. Hey Christina! Hope you are well. The colours are beautiful. I will be buying more xxx