Tuesday, 24 June 2014

W7 CatWalk Face Shaper

Since Kim K displayed her love and affection for contouring and highlighting, everybody wants a piece of that cake!

There are so many products out there on the market, I can understand that its really hard to know what to choose. However this little box caught my eye!

Sorry, I know its the back of the box, but before I realised  that I didn't have a picture of the front, I threw the box away! Anyways...........

I got this for £5 from a shop called The Original Factory Shop (link). However, not all of them stock the same things. So here is another LINK where you can buy it from.

 It comes in a cute compact, also with a small brush, that is actually really good! As you can see it comes with a dark brown (contour) and an almost white shade (highlight). But Ahhhhh Haaaa..... looks can definitely be deceiving!! The white contour shade is actually a very sheer, pale, shimmer shade, which is very flattering. The only downside is that, I'm pretty sure this only comes in one colour, which sucks for pale and dark skin people. If you are a light to medium, then your on to a winner!

So when I dipped my finger in, it actually comes out quite oily. So for someone who has oily skin, I would use a primer first, just so you can ensure its not going to slide off your face after a couple of hours wear.
But in all fairness it does give instructions on the back of the box, how to use it. Which I have to admit, the way that they explain it, I would have to agree with them!

So put on your primer first (that's if you wear it) and then apply your foundation and concealer as normal. Once that is all in-place, then follow the step by step guide. Easy!

I love the concept of this compact and for £5, its a great little buy. Contouring and highlighting does take some practice. But once mastered, it can really bring a face and skin to life! This is defo coming with me a professional jobs!

Have you tried this before?

Big Love 


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  1. I want to try this! If only they had a colour for ghost like skin. :D