Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Babyliss Pro Ceramic 230

My old hair straighteners and I, had a loving relationship since I was 18 (only a couple of years ago....obvs!) 
But the time has come that I had to get a new pair, as the old pair seemed to be burning my hair rather than straightening them!

So when I saw an amazing deal on the Babyliss Pro Ceramic 230* I thought 'Why Not?!'

They are very light weight and sleek and best of all they do come with a heat mat. To be honest, I think all hair straighteners should come with a heat mat. Its safer rather than putting on your carpet or on your dressing table, for obvious reasons.

The wire pivots, which is great for when your curling your hair and the actual lead is a good length.

Now down to the nitty gritty!

It comes with 2 heat settings and can reach up to temperatures of 230 degrees, which is seriously hot! In all honesty, I actually only use it on the lowest setting, as I don't want to frazzle my hair. In my opinion, this straightens my hair just as well. However, if I want a curl that lasts all night, I do go for the highest temperature.

The plates are smooth and don't ping the hair and for that matter, they never seem to fizz on the hair shaft.

I may hardly use hair straighteners, as I see what damage they can cause. But For once and a while curl or poker straight night out, hair look, these are cheap, and a great alternative to more expensive brands.

Have you tried these out?

Big Love

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