Thursday, 4 September 2014

Lorac Pro Palette Review

When I knew that one of my friends was going to America, I instantly asked if they would bring back a Lorac Pro Palette. When this little bundle of joy slipped into my hands, I immediately had to rip open the box, take pictures and then let the face messiness commence!

Now I know I have talked a LOT about palettes, but I can assure you, this one is worth a read........

A teeny weeny disclaimer, this is only available in either Canada or the US. Which is really annoying, I know. But if you can get your little mitts on one, I can assure you, it was worth the wait!

So the whole package comes with 16 shades of shadow and a mini behind the scenes eye primer. The whole thing cost me $42 dollars, which is approximately £25.50. 

There are a mixtures of mattes (top row) and a mixture of shimmers (bottom row) and the colours are to die for. You can really crack out some gorgeous eye makeup's with this palette, and they all work for either day or night.

These are buttery, blendable and ultra pigmented. This palette is just sweetness in a box! You can use the shadows either wet or dry and both do a seriously good job.

The packaging I like. Its sleek, its smooth and comes with a big enough mirror, that if you were to travel with this, this mirror is perfect for a quick slick applications.

Not only that, the primer is amazing too. It feels a little more slippery than others I have tried and I think that's why it does a good job. It lasts well and creasing is non existent, even at the end of the day.

Is there anything that this palette can not do?!

I am in love and I can only hope that one day, they soon realise this into the UK. Its amazing!

Have you had the luck to try out this palette?

Big Love      

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