Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Naked 3 Urban Decay

I'm very delighted having the Naked 3. Now that the seasons are slightly changing into autumn, I feel that this palette is going to be my new 'go too' palette.

It has the same tin compact, just like the Naked 2, which by the way, I blogged about Here

I absolutely adore the shades, which is very unlike me. I'm the usual neutral type of gal! However, there are so many warm pink shades, along with many hazy tones, the looks can be endless with this palette.

Personally, the first 3 shades are the ones that I think are more for spring/summer. However, using them as a base and then blending the more hazy tones into the socket, would give the eyes a more of a smokey look, with a twist.

If you have green/brown eyes, this palette would be perfect for you and compliment the eye colour so well. But I personally think, in this palette there is something for everyone.

As like the other naked palettes, there are a mixture of mattes and shimmers. But what I really love about this palette, is there undertones of bronzy/golds tones. Perfect for a party or great for a simple day time look.

These are definitely up there, in the high part of my shadow chart and with their glorious buttery textures, I know that this palette is going to be used a lot.

So if you haven't got this already and feel its only for spring/summer, then you are wrong. This needs to be on your Christmas list! (eeek, I said the C word!!!)

Big Love   

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