Monday, 20 October 2014

MAC Quad Pink Couture

Whilst talking to one of my clients, when doing her nails, she informed me of a new shop that had opened up in Clarks Village (link). Its called The Cosmetics Company Store. Oh dear lord, it was like Christmas had come at once!

They have so many higher end cosmetics to choose from, at really great prices. I urge you, if your a makeup hoarder like me, then this place is for you!

I decided to buy myself and my Mum a few things *shhhh, its a secret, as its her birthday soon!*

This little purchase is actually for myself, as I am in love with this colour combination. Its a quad palette called Pink Couture, by MAC (link) 

I think the actual quad is discontinued. However, I am pretty sure you could by these in single form. The colours are: Top Left = All Races, Top Right = Idol Eyes, Bottom Left = Magic Moor and Bottom Right = Carbon

I thought this palette is great for A/W and great in my kit, for when I have to work on people with green eyes. 

The actual price it should have been was £33. Although, being it a discount outlet store, I actually got this for £23.25. An absolute bargain in my eyes! *see what I did there? Eyes/eyeshadow?!!!*

If you want more of on in-depth review about each eyeshadow, then leave a comment down below. I thought this could be a short and sweet blog post, about the store.

Its definitely a good find and I will go back for more goodies!

Big Love  

Jay xxx

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