Monday, 27 October 2014


Anyone would think that I am obsessed with W7 cosmetics. Well your right....... I am!

As I have said before, they are the copycat company for the higher end cosmetic companies. But that's ok. Not everyone can offered the more expensive pickings.

Today on the blog we have some good little finds from W7 and I thought I would share them with you.

First of all we have the eyeshadow palette In The Buff and this is a copy cat for the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. I'm not going to compare, as there are tons of reviews out there. But I did do a review on the Naked 2, so if you wanna check that out, then click the LINK HERE!

First of all I actually really like the packaging. It feels sturdy and compact and I would feel comfortable taking this away with me on my travels. The brush that it comes with is actually ok. I have seen a lot worse in cheaper palettes. So for a quick slick of eyeshadow, this will do the trick.

It has 12 shades consisting of the mattes and shimmers and their pigmentation is actually really good. To be honest I would wear an eye primer first, just to ensure their longevity throughout the day. But as a whole, for £5 this is an amazing palette. They do have a fall out slightly, which would make me do my base last. But that's no biggy!

The matte shades, as you can see on my pinky finger, is a little weaker than the shimmer shades. But they are workable and build-able. Lets just look at the shimmer awesome is that?

A great palette and if your like me and wondered what it was like, then pick it up!

Next on the list is the Camouflage Kit. A great compact, comes in 5 shades and it even has a little brush. 

I have to say, the colours are great and they say that you can mix and match to find your perfect tone. However, to camouflage anything on my face, it was quite disappointing. 

The consistency is very creamy, but the pigmentation is very watery indeed. If you were to use this on a younger face, I'm sure it would work. But, on a more maturer face, its only good for a eye primer. This didn't cover up any dark circles, spots and if that didn't work, then my pigmentation has no hope.  

The brush is ok for applying the product, although fingers are the best option for blending it in. It left too many brush strokes on the skin.

Its a shame, as I thought this could have been a great mixture of colours for your handbag. But if your over the age of 14 and have bad skin, then this compact isn't for you.

I want to have this blog post left on a high, so I thought I would leave this until last. Its the Honolulu Bronzer and if I am not mistaken, this very similar to the Hoola Bronzer by Benefit?!
The packaging and brush is very identical. But what is the actual product like?

Well for me, this is an amazing matte bronzer and if I am totally honest, I think I prefer it to the Hoola. Why?

Highlighting and contouring has gone a little crazy in the makeup world and I find people are trying to do it too much. Its great for people who are wanting that more sculpted look to their face. But, I do find people are using the wrong shades or not blending properly, giving them the look of lines and a dirty complexion to their skin. So the reason for the love of this, is because, although its still pigmented, it doesn't give you that redbrick look to your face. Also its buildable, so great for the heavy handed overloaders! It does have a warm feel to it, so great for bronzing up the cheeks too, without looking too tangoed and not only that, I would feel comfortable to use this on pale skin. Which, if your like me, it can be difficult to find a bronzer good for the almost see through kind!

I am in love and will use this lot.

If you find it hard to purchase W7 then this LINK will take you to their website and show you all the retailers that stock W7 cosmetics.

Have you tried and enjoyed W7 makeup?

Big Love


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