Monday, 28 September 2015

SmashBox Primers

I am always trying to find the perfect primer. In fact, I'm a little obsessed with face primers. Because of my very combination skin, I kind of need a primer for all skin types, all rolled into one. But, I think that's the impossible find.

When I came across this little trio, I thought it was quite a good buy. You can try all 3 without breaking the bank. Not only that, if there is one you partially like, you can then buy the full size version. Not only that, these little compact sizes are great for my kit.

Smashbox Primer(link)s have been a staple in the blogger-sphere and for many MUA's for a long time and have also won many awards.

The Luminizing Oil Free Photo Finish(link) is possibly my fave out of the 3. Its oil free, which is a huge bonus and it gives just the right amount of luminosity, without being BAM, look at me and my highlighted face! A small amount goes a long way. I use this before my foundation, also you could mix it in with your foundation, if you wanted more of a glossy look. Again, my favourite out of three, as it gives you a really pretty look to the skin.

  Next is the Photo Finish Foundation Primer (link), which is still very good, but my least favourite of the 3. Its clear gel/silicone texture has quite a slippy feel to it, but lets your matte foundation glide over the skin a lot easier. Great for the oil control, but I feel that there is nothing different about this primer. For £25.50 its not cheap. I do feel you could get a highstreet/drugstore equivalent at quarter of the price.

Last and definitely not least, its the blue toned Photo Finish Hydrating Oil Free (link) Again another one of my favourites for when I am having one of those dehydrated days. But still oil free, so I know my makeup is not going to move throughout the day. This is probably the closest to the "best primer ever" if it had the luminosity particles in it. But then that doesn't mean, I can mix the brown and blue one together! Which in my opinion, is the way that I personally wear it most. However, if you don't want the luminosity side to it, then by itself is just as great. This is also great for more maturer skins.

Have you tried any of these primers, if so which one?


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