Thursday, 1 September 2016

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Sam and Nic are the first youtubers I watched. I have followed them from the start of there blogging/vlogging career. If I remember correctly, they were called Fashion Face TV, then changed their name to Pixiwoo.

There passion for real makeup is immense and something, I completely believe in. They are not fake, they have worked hard to get where they are today and I love their product range, which are the Real Techniques Brushes

One of my favourite products is the Miracle Complexion Sponge 

Its clever design can really get you a flawless base, whether its from sheer to heavy, or you want to use it for powder or even concealer under the eyes. Its very universal.

Its a very mixed bag of reviews. You either love it or hate it. Or, you only use the beauty blender and the RT Sponge is for the lower kind! Personally, I have never used the Beauty Blender. But, I get what I want from this sponge. Why try and fix something when it isn't broken?!

It states to use it damp for a dewy glow or dry for a full coverage. However, I have to admit, I use it the opposite way.

I dampen it, it doubles in size, put my foundation on my face very roughly, with either my fingers or a brush and then bounce the sponge onto my skin. That way it gives a perfect coverage and really presses the product in. I do find, if I use it dry, the foundation gets completely soaked up into the sponge, causing a lot of wastage. So for me, having a full coverage foundation, this is the only way. I guess it down to personal preference.

The sponge is super soft and really inexpensive, giving you flawless results every time.

I'm one happy customer!

Are you team Beauty Bleander or Team RT Sponge?

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

MakeUp Revolution Radiance Palette

Strobing = Just means an absolute ton of highlighting. Is this a good look? 

I know since the days of YouTube and Instagram make up has become extreme. But I have found in the last 18 months, makeup has become super extreme. Once upon a time, highlighting used to be a sun-kissed glow. Now, you have to look like a glitter ball!

Makeup Revolution Beyond Radiance Palette is a gorgeous trio of highlighting powders. I was really excited to see something like this on the high-street. It only cost me £8 for 3 powders that add up to 13g of product. Good deal i'd say!

When I first got it, I did think to myself it was probably going to be like any other "glittery highlighter" However, I was pleasantly surprised when trying it out.

The packaging is sleek and very standard. Ideal for storing in a drawer, bag or in your makeup kit.
Plus it comes with a good sized mirror....great for on the go!

There are 3 colours ranging from gold tones, to very brightening. The powder feels very finely milled, which just beautifully illuminates the face/highlighted areas.
This palette is great! It really makes you look and feel naturally radiant. Something that highlighting used to do.

I'm extremely happy with this purchase. Everything about it,is just beautiful. There is no glittery, shimmery, chalky powders. Just a very beautiful, glowy palette that makes me look and feel chic and classically highlighted.

Is this very similar to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting?

Monday, 22 August 2016

Avon Concealer and Colour Correcting Pencils

So last week I had a Avon delivery, as I purchased these Concealer and Colour Correcting Pencils
I was very intrigued to try them out.

The bloggersphere has gone nuts about colour correcting. Hence why I think makeup companies are bringing their own versions out, so they can sell, sell, sell!
 Which is fine. However, the videos that I  have watched on YouTube, no one needs their skin colour correcting. I think its a misconception. You only need to use colours like this on your face if you need them. 

I have done a video on colour correcting myself and explaining how it works. Ill link it HERE

As for the actual pencils, they are very soft in consistency. The pigmentation is good and I like the fact its in pencil form, that way you can be precise on where to put the product. (Sorry about the photo's, I couldn't take myself seriously with this all over my face!!) 

They were easy to blend in, with a damp beauty sponge. However, with a brush it didn't seem to work as well. I found pressing it into the skin was easier for application, rather than swipping.

That being said, I like the coverage and it doesn't show when underneath my foundation. The only thing that did bug me a little was, it went a little dry. It seemed to have made my foundation go a little creasy and chalky looking at first.

Then I tried out the concealer shade. Ok, so let me begin by saying.......
I thought I would do the Kim K contour, conceal and brightening, to really give it a god shot!
To be honest, I hate this way of contouring and I don't feel its good for everyday. But, that is another blog post!

As you can see from the photo, its very white and chalky looking. This is going to suit very limited skin tones. So as a concealer, its not going to work, unless your milk white! As a highlighter, then yes. Although, once blended in, I felt like it sat on the skin, rather that be apart of me. Plus it really sat into my pores. Maybe I should use it underneath my foundation, like the colour correctors?? 

Ok, so once blended in and then I did the rest of my makeup, it doesn't look so bad.....right?
Wrong! It started to crease on my face, super badly after a couple of hours!
I looked like I aged 15 years, in the matter of 2 hours! 

Although, I feel like I need to give this a chance and let you know a couple of things........

*If there are too many products on my face, I crease terribly
*If I layer up to many products, I become super oily and last but not least
*the longevity will only last a few hours, plus it was mega hot in the UK!

I just felt ashy, cakey and overall, not nice!

The colour correctors I would use again, but very thinly and sparingly, under the foundation. As for the concealer, I would use it, but as a highlighter. I definitely would not use this under my eyes or on the forehead. It would literally be down the bridge of the nose, inner eye corner and underneath the brow. It also acts as a god eye primer, when set with a cream coloured powder. So I guess not all is lost.

I had really high hopes for these pencils. But I wouldn't repurchase them again, thats for sure.

Have any of you guys had problems with these pencils?

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Sunkissed Self-Tan Mousse Once A Week

This post should have gone up weeks ago!

Sunkissed Self Tan Mousse Once a Week* was kindly sent to me as a PR sample and I have used it on myself and a friend, to get different reviews on different skins types. That way I can give the best feedback for you guys. I chose the colour dark. But I do believe they have bought a whole new range out, for those who want medium or lighter tans.

You can buy it in Superdrug, Primark and online. The actual product is supposed to be applied once a week, and lasts 7 days. Or you can use it as an instant tanner, for those unplanned nights out and your looking for that instant summer-kissed glow.
The formulation is a mousse, that is in a pump action bottle. They sent it with a mitt, which are widely available and in my opinion, the best way to apply a mousse self tanner.
It has an amazing smell, which reminds me of holiday and beaches and sends you off in a dreamy thought about a Caribbean islands and coconuts! 

The mousse is dark in colour, which gives you an easy colour guide on the body. Super easy to apply and very quick drying. 
I left mine on for six hours only, because I felt that I wanted just a sunkissed glow on my skin. Where as my friend (Harriet), left hers on all night.

We both felt that it clung on to the areas like the elbows, feet and hands, even though we moisturised those areas well. But nothing to drastic, and I think that goes for most tans. 
Harriet has a darker skin tone than me, and she also felt it could have been a little darker. However, on me, because I am paler it was actually dark enough, even though I left it on for only six hours. I could have left it on all night, but for the occasion I was attending the next day, I didn't want anything too dark and heavy. 
It wasn't patchy and gave a nice even coverage. The only thing I will say, I needed another coat on my legs (minus the ankles, feet and knees) because they were lighter than the rest of my body. However, that's not Sunkissed's fault. Every time I use a self tanner, whether expensive, spray tan or lower end brands my legs always look lighter *Does anyone else have that problem?*

As for longevity, I would say it lasted for a good 5 days on my upper body and then faded. But needed a top up on legs after 4 days, as they went back to lily ass white fairly quickly! Harriet said the same.

But don't let that put you off, as it all depends on what you wash yourself in, how many times you shower/bath, whether you exercise etc. All these factors count. It does fade evenly and I have to say, it never smelt of biscuits on the skin!

As a whole, I think its a great product for the price and a lovely colour, depending on how long you leave it on for. I have already applied my tan again, as I felt it gave me a boost and confidence within myself. 

Thumbs up from me!


Monday, 19 October 2015

W7 Mini Midnight Palette

Halloween is one of my favourite times of year. The pumpkins are carved, people are thinking about fancy dress and best of all, its on a Saturday night this year!

The W7 Mini Midnight Palette (link) came in a box set, which also included a cheek palette and the In The Buff Palette. I actually got the box set from The Original Factory Shop (link) which was about £12.00. I will do a review on the cheek palette also, but I thought I would do them all separately.

I used this eyeshadow palette in my Halloween Video (link) and actually, for this time of year, this palette is perfect!

Purples are quite hard to wear at the best of times. So the fact that this is inexpensive, its not going to break the bank if you only wear it a couple of times of the year.

The Palette is in a tin box, so very secure and it also comes with 6 different shades. As you can see from the picture, it has 1 completely matte, 1 satin finish and 4 shimmery shades. Some of the shimmery shades have very large glittery, glittter particles mixed in. So this is not going to be for everyone. However like I said, great for inexpensive dressing up makeup. Also if your very creative, this palette can work for a lot of different makeup looks.

The colours are actually quite pigmented, but I do feel that you have a lot of fall out. So I recommend doing your eyeshadows first and the your base makeup afterwards. 
They blend really nicely and last well on the eye, but only with an eye primer first. Without, you do find they can be a little chalky.

Im in love with the second shade, which is the wine colour. Such a pretty shade for an autumn smoky eye. Teamed up with some lashes and lashings of eyeliner, you would be good to go!

Have you tried W7 products before? If so, what do you think of them?


Monday, 5 October 2015

Halloween Vampire Makeup Tutorial

I love Halloween! My mum and dad always made it so special when we were younger and to top it off, its my mums birthday! I truly believed she was a magical witch and I even told all of my friends, just because she was born on Halloween. Awwww good memories!

So to celebrate, I made this video for you



Friday, 2 October 2015

My Autumn Makeup Daytime Routine

What a gorgeous few days its been. The sun has been shining, but the freshness of Autumn has definitely been blessing us with all its glory!

This has been my go-to day time look for work, most days. It seems like a lot of products, but I can assure you, its super quick and easy. It makes me feel polished, without the time and effort and lasts all day.

I start of by priming my face, using the smashbox primers together. I just feel they give a bit of everything that the skin needs and also lasts well throughout the day. I did a separate post (link) on these, so go check it out.

The Eyes

Whilst that is settling on the skin, I then take the Revlon eyeshadow palette and use the bone colour all over the lid, then use the cool toned brown underneath that bone shade, and take that all over the mobile lid, up to the crease. With the other lighter brown, right of the bone shade, I use that on a fluffy brush and blend out the harsh line in the socket. Then I take a small pencil brush and use the darkest shade on the outer V and blend. You don't have to be precise. Just go with it and rock the undone, eye look! Next I take the Avon black liner and just smudge that on the upper lash line. Curl your lashes and then put on 2 coats of mascara top and bottom.

The Skin

MAC Studio Fix has 2 pumps on the back of my hand and with a damp beauty blender, I distribute that all over the face. Conceal any dark circles with your fave concealer and then to warm up the face, W7 Cream Bronzer is put in the hollows of the cheek bone and around the temple, set in place with the Rimmel Loose Transparent Powder. For an autumnal cheek, I put a berry tone on the apples, pulling the colour back. A spritz of the Avon Makeup Setting Spray and done!

The Brows

A clear brow gel is used to groom the brow and with the Collection Brow Pencil in Blonde, is used to fill in any sparse areas and brushed through.

The Lips

I used a Estee Lauder Lip Pencil in a berry tone and used it really lightly, all over, to get that bitten look. Then I used the Loreal Cream Gloss over the top to add that shine, without looking over slippy.

Perfect for day time. Perfect for work. Perfect for Autumn