Sunday, 14 October 2012

Shiny Disco Nails! xxx

Hello My Shiny Happy People!

Recently I went out to buy a new nail polish and I fell in love with the Barry M Nail Paint in the colour 338 Silver Multi Glitter.

I actually saw a person wearing it and literally pounced on her and asked her where she had got it from! You can purchase any Barry M Make-up products off line or you can simply go into Boots or Superdrug and buy them there. This cost me £2.99 for a 10ml bottle, which is a total bargain in my eyes!

The first thing that I noticed when applying it to my nail, is the smell. It has a very strong glue odour. However, when it dries, the smell disappears!

To get this effect I used 3 coats on the nail, and as you can see it has a very high shine. This is without a top, clear coat.

I love this nail polish. The smell is a little mental, but that all seems to redeem itself because of the final finish and above all, Barry M doesn't test on animals. So this is a huge plus for me!

Lots of Love and keep sparkling!

Jay xxx

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Absolutely Flawless! xxx

Hello, Hello, Hello!!

Flawless skin to any make-up look, makes everything come together and makes everything else look perfect.

No7 from Boots have brought out a new foundation range called the match made service and I am sooooooo glad that I have finally tried it out. It is absolutely a-ma-zing and they do foundations for ALL skin types and for ALL colours. It's truly brilliant and how they match up your foundation colour is even better!

They have come out with seven different types of foundation, ranging from oily skin, dry skin, right the way to the more maturer skin.

Restore and Renew
Lift and Luminate
Protect and Perfect
Instant Radiance
Beautifully Matte
Stay Perfect
Essentially Natural

I'm gonna talk about Beautifully Matte as it's aimed towards my skin type which is very oily and I do suffer from marks, blemishes and a few scars.

It's a very thick foundation and has a dry finish when on the face. One pump goes a long way and covers over my whole face. I put it on with my fingers, because being such a thick foundation it needs to be warmed up. Doing this will help the foundation move over your skin and blending will also be a lot easier.

I have the colour Deeply Ivory and the colour is perfect. The way that they match your colour foundation to your actual skin tone, is by the new device that they have. It takes a photo of your skins pigmentation and suggests a colour for you.

They have worked on this, with beauty director Lisa Eldridge, for three years. A lot of work, but well worth it!

As you can see from the picture above, this particular foundation comes in a pump form tube, so wastage should be minimal by the time you finish it.
All of the foundation contains an SPF of 15, which is great to protect you from any harmful rays and they are also Hypo-Allergenic. This means they are good for anyone who has sensitive skin. As you all probably know I suffer from Eczema and Psoriasis and this is fine for my face and skin type and this sits on the face really well.

I love this foundation and it's now going to be my staple product that will be in my make-up bag. My face looks flawless, I love the texture and I love how it covers my redness, spots and scars.

Go into any Boots and they will go through your skin type and take a photo of your skin colour to match your perfect tone. For a 30ml this will cost you £12.50 and if you time it right like I did, No7 usually do 2 products for the price of 3 and they even sometimes give out vouchers with money off, when you spend so much at the counter. Brilliant!

Give it a try and I promise those who have oily skin, you will love it as it will last on your skin for upto 12 hours!

Love to you all

Jay xxx 


Friday, 5 October 2012

Washing Hair and Losing Weight! xxx

Hey There!

It has been a while, however life is slowing down the Make-Up House!

Your probably thinking why on earth I have a title like 'washing hair and losing weight?' Well, sorry to disappoint, as washing hair does not help you loose weight! It's just what I want to share with you today!

I want to talk about Kerastase by Loreal. It's not new on the market but my experience with it is immense! You can either buy it online, or in salons only. This is not your everyday shampoo or conditioner!
As you can see from my first blog, that I have started to go to a new hair salon called Sense. I still go there as it's fab! But I have been going a lot a lot blonder. So therefore, I don't want to cause a lot of damage to my hair. That's when I purchased some of the Kerastase range.

In the picture above, is the shampoo for reinforcing and resurfacing weakened and damaged hair. This is in the number 1 and 2. All the numbers basically mean the level and strength of shampoo. 1 and 2 mean that if you have surface protection deterioration, loss of shine, rough to touch, cuticle abrasion, damaged hair, loss of softness and suppleness, then this is the shampoo for you. For 250ml it cost around £15.99

A lot of money you say?! Well maybe? But this is coming from the gal who used to buy the cheapest stuff that was on offer in her local supermarket! Not all is bad from the shelves. But if you have bleached or coloured hair like myself, then the stuff on the shelves in your local drug store will just not do!!

In the visual above, this is the conditioner that goes with it. Reinforcing and resurfacing treatment for damaged lengths and ends. Again it cost around £15.99, for 200ml. But what an incredible conditioner! I love them both and it has really helped my hair with the condition. Without getting too technical, as I am no hairdresser, this stuff puts all the proteins back into your hair, wish I guess is good!

Once I have washed and conditioned my hair, I towel dry it and then put in the Kerastase Elixir Ultime.

They call this liquid Gold! And I totally agree! It comes in a 125ml bottle and it cost around £25.00. Again, sounds a lot, but it's worth every single penny. Not only that you only need a small amount depending on your length and thickness of hair, so it should last a very long time!
What this does, it basically puts back the oils back into your hair that you loose, as this contains 4 essential oils. It smells scrummy and makes my hair shiny and really healthy looking!

Here are the results! Try it yourself and see, as I know the results will be amazing for you too!

Ok, lets go to the loosing weight part! I have just joined slimming world in Wells and I have an amazing leader. 

Her name is Claire West. She is very friendly, down to earth and even emails you and asks how well you are coping. This is literally my first day and I'm really excited and can't wait for results! I'm doing the Extra Easy Plan and the things you can eat are unreal! So I'm going to share with you every week, my high's, my low's and my weightloss success! So keep in touch for all the weight loss drama!

I hope you are all well. Please Look at my new Jewellery website on
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All my Love

Jay xxx