Thursday, 28 November 2013

Heaven by Debrorah Mitchell

To be honest I am really lazy (I'm not sure if that's the right word?!) Perhaps unenthusiastic is a better word, when it comes to body washes and shower gels. As long as they clean right?!

When I received this, it was a product that I kind of tossed to the side and thought, I will deal with that later! But then such is life and I ran out of body wash, then it came to my rescue!

First of all I have never heard of the company Heaven, so started looking into it. With it, I did receive a booklet and a couple of other bits and bobs and realised this company caters for a lot of people with luxurious products. They do a lot of body products, as well as facial products too. So luxurious, that I will only use this when I am in the bathroom.....the partner can use his bog standard mens body wash!

Heaven is a company that really wants to look after the skin and only uses oils and moisture that plumps the skin and nurtures everybody's needs.

When pumping this into your hands to lather up, the smell really hits you. Its really strong, but definitely not in an offensive way. I think its so gorgeous and fresh. You can really smell the lemon grass. It lathers up well and does have an almost tingly feeling to it, when applied to the skin. Also, if you know me and my OCD ways of cleaning, I love the fact that it contains anti bacterial ingredients too! I have to admit, when in the bath, I did seem to relax a whole lot more and after cleaning my skin, the whole bathroom was infused with lemon grass *Ahhhhhhh, Heaven!* Excuse the pun! 

So yes its a after sports wash, but that doesn't matter to me. Sports or not, I am one happy lady!! This certainly made me feel good and squeeky clean, without feeling dry. Not only that, I smelt the freshness of the lemon grass on my skin for hours after, which made me feel invigorated throughout the day.
Have you heard of Heaven before? 

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Cocoa Brown Tan

Tanning for me, on myself is an absolute bore. Personally I have always been a fan of spray tan. In and out in five minutes and if you don't have too much of a dark colour, you can actually walk about in public with it still on, fresh.

I have heard a lot about the Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan and I was super lucky to receive a bottle at the bloggers event in Exeter. 

I have had a really busy week in my salon, so the last thing that I wanted to do was, do a full on tan for my Saturday night outing. But I had remembered this little beaut that was staring at me and thought I could kill 2 birds with one stone. 1, have a super quick tan and 2, be a great opportunity to blog about it.

As always with a tan, I showered and exfoliated (if you want any expert tanning info, then please CLICK HERE) To be honest, I didn't moisturise, as my skin is ok at the moment and I didn't want the moisturiser to act as a barrier. But once my skin was prepped and ready to go, I then shook the can well, put on my tanning mitt and away I went!

The first thing I will point out is the scent. It smell amazing! I have never smelt anything like it before in a tan. Its absolutely gorgeous with a hi fragrance of floral tones in it. But its not over powering either. Loved that! Also secondly, is the consistency of the foam/mousse. It has a lovely thick, creamy texture and the colour guide is not too dark. It glided on well and it didn't give you that orange/Pocahontas look, like you get with other colour guides. In fact, the colour looked so good on fresh, that I left it on and went to the party like it without washing it off! I smelt amazing like flowers, plus I was tanned. Winner!

When I did come to wash it off, the colour was great and I am really impressed with it. It wasn't too dark on my pale skin, its not drying and it wears of evenly. The only thing that I will say, is that I did start to smell like biscuits, but only slightly. This doesn't bother me though, as it wasn't that strong at all. I'm giving this a massive 8/10. Such a fab idea and really great, if your like me, and always run out of time!

I wonder what their other products are like and have you tried them? Let me know in the comments below.

Big Love

Monday, 18 November 2013

A HUGE Thank You and a Warm Welcome! xxx

I was really lucky to get invited to the South West Bloggers Meet on Saturday in Exeter. It was a great day and I was overwhelmed by all the nicest, sweet, gorgeous Birds (girls/bloggers!) that were also there!

Lets start off with the organizers:

Kerry Dyer

I am not going to lie, I was invited probably 2 weeks before the event and only found out about Kerry's blog until about a week ago. You should really go and check it out as it is jam packed with all sorts of daily ramblings. Anything from beauty, fashion, life and of course her gorgeous daughter, Sienna! Its called Live With Love 
When walking up the steps in John Gandy's, Exeter, I was overwhelmed by nerves. I have done blogging events before, quite a few times. But for some reason, because I didn't know everyone and plus, I was mega late (no surprise there!!) it just suddenly hit me and felt completely out of my depth. However, the first friendly face I saw was Kerry's! I apologised immediately and Kerry quickly nipped my nerves back to normal and said, "Don't worry, we are still waiting for more guests to arrive"
Then she asked how I was and from then, I felt settled.
Kerry is completely down to earth and has a massive passion for what she does. She is very beautiful and had a lot of time for others that day. You could see that by the attention to detail, she and Liza gave to the bloggers event. She spoke to me like she had known me for years and I'm probably not the only one who felt like that? She gave me tips and tricks about blogging and she even gave me great advice about doing youtube too. What a little star!

Liza Prideaux

Clearly the cheekier of the 2, but also very stunning! Liza is the blog owner for Glam Beautys. Here she talks about beauty products, makeup and because she has a scrummy boy called Vinnie, she also does mummy posts too! Very informative and completely down to earth.
I didn't get to speak to Liza much (sorry!) But what I did see is true passion and care for what she does. A true trooper to the blogging world!

What can I say apart from a massive thank you to you both. Also a huge thank you to all the lovely bloggers who went, you were all lovely! I had a super day and was completely spoilt by raffle prizes and a goody bag (which they had printed professionally!) The best blogging event to date and I only hope I will get invited to more to meet the bloggers I didn't get to meet. However, I felt that I met some truly special writers, that I hope I will keep in contact with. So a warm welcome to my new friends and also my new followers!

I'll keep you posted with blogs, about what was in my goodie bag. I can assure you, they will be worth a read, thats for sure!

Big Love to you all


Thursday, 14 November 2013

Nail Series #Gel Polish xxx

Hi Birdies!

A different post for you today. I want to do a small series about all the different nail treatments out there. What they do, how to use them, how long they last and what damage they cause to your natural nails.

As you can see from the title and of course (yesterdays post gave me the idea!) I am going to start off with Gel Polish.

What is Gel Polish?

First of all the nail needs to be prepared well. So in theory you need a mini manicure. This consist of nail shaped and filed, cuticles pushed back and the nail plates to be cleaned and dehydrated. Then the gel polish consists of 3 different layers. The base coat, the colour and then a high shine top coat. Each of these layers then need to be cured under a UV lamp or LED lamp. It goes on like a nail polish/varnish, but wears like a gel bonder.

Who Sells This Product?

Most beauty salons now, do gel polish and a lot of mobile beauty therapists do them too. As you can see from my pictures, many different companies do gel polish and this is just a few that I have mentioned. 100's of companies are copying each other and putting their own spin on it. However, most only sell to retailers and beauty salons, then that way, you keep going back to your local salon. Although, you could by your own set, but that could set you back quite a lot of money, in fact a couple of hundred pounds, plus.

How Long do They Last?

This is a tricky one to answer. There is a lot of controversy between all brands. Who lasts longer? Who's is the shiniest top coat? Who's don't ruin the nails etc, etc, etc!
Well, I have been trained in nails since 2007, so that's a good 6 years of experience under my belt. I have been using gel polish for the last 2 years and it was launched in 2010 first, by CND. Then obviously others followed with their versions. In that time, I have used a lot on my clients, used a lot on myself and because I blog, I have tried and tested  A LOT!
So most companies/reps, that have asked me to try their brand, always say: 'a great brand, last for 2-3 weeks, doesn't damage the nail and the shine is fantastic!'
Ok first of all, the shine does usually last on most of the gel polish top coats. I have never had a problem with them. As for longevity, it really does depend on what you do for work, how you treat them and who put them on. If they are put on the correct way, then they will last longer. If you sit and watch TV all day, they will last probably for 6 weeks! If you are working in a kitchen and your hands are always in water, then they could last a week. If any longer, they will still be on the nail, just maybe a few nix here and there. It seriously does depend on what you do and how you treat them. I just wish that suppliers wouldn't sound so sure that their product, definitely will last for 2-3 weeks. Anything with amount of force will break in time.

Which Product/Company Should I Use? 

In my opinion, they are all practically the same. I haven't had any issues with any of them. Just as long as the actual person doing them, preps the nail properly.

Do They Damage The Natural Nail? 

This is the million dollar question..........
Every company has said that none of their products ruin the nail or make them weak. Let me explain.........

First of all, to prepare the nail you need a mini manicure, as said before. After that, you then need to take the natural oils away from the natural nail plate, by using a dehydrator. That in itself, is letting the nail suffer. We were born with natural oils, they are there for a reason. The moment you take that away, its going to dry up the nail plate and in theory make it more brittle. Secondly, when having a layer of gel, your natural nail isn't going to breathe, like it does without it. Look at this this way, you wouldn't wear a thick layer of theatrical makeup for 2 weeks and not wash it off??? If you did, your pores in your skin would block, causing spots and black heads, your skin could become dry, not breathe and look/become very old in age. Ok, so your nail isn't going to produce spots and black heads! But lets face it, it won't breathe and could become very brittle and damaged. Thirdly, when taking off the gel polish you saturate a cotton pad in Acetone, wrap it up in foil and then wait for upto 20 minutes. As soon as the acetone hits the natural nail, that too, is drying it out. Last but not least, if your nail tech does not remove your gel nails properly, again you are going to have bad nails underneath. If they peel it off, they are taking a few layers of your natural nail too! Leaving you with thin, soft nails.

In a Nut Shell

In my personal opinion, it really does depend on who you go to and how they treat your nails. Nails are very delicate and, with even a little force, they can damage quite easily. Gel polish nails are not as damaging as some nail enhancers, but I do think even with the softest touch and the best nail tech, nails can still be damaged. That's not the nail tech's fault, it just because we are not letting the nail be at a natural state. However, some people are not blessed with good nails (like myself) Some people's nails can be thin, brittle, split, peel and just brake. If your one of these people, get these done 100%. They strengthen them and can promote growth, because they have, in theory, have a shell on them. If your a person with great nails, you can still get them done, by all means. Just choose the right salon and the right person. It makes all the difference. Just don't expect the same nails after so many applications, every 2 - 3 weeks. I personally think, there will be a difference in your natural nails. If your like me and cannot stand chipped nails after a couple of hours, go for a gel nail manicure! For that reason, they are amazing!

I hope this has helped and I hope I don't put any off you off. Lets face it, a little bit of everything now and again, is not so bad after all!

What do you think and have you had a gel mani?

Big Love

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Slate By IBD xxx

I know its still Autumn and that I should be embracing the reds, burnt oranges and plums. But I fancied going a little more to the dark side!

For me, I love nail varnishes. However, because I do a lot of nails daily, it just doesn't last on me and my nails look a state by the end of the day.

Gel polish is definitely a favourite of mine and the lasting power is so much longer and barely chips (depending on what you do and how you treat them!)
If you don't know what gel polish is, have you been living under a rock????!! Well if you have crawled out from under it, I will give you a quick low down.

In a Nut Shell  

Gel Polish goes on like a nail polish, but you have to cure it under a UV light. Its the strength between a nail polish and a gel/acrylic. It has a great shine, lasts upto 2 weeks without chipping and to take it off, you have to wrap it up in cotton wool, acetone and foil, then leave it to soak off.

I am a big fan the IBD range and their colours are immense. Slate By IBD* is the perfect colour for winter. Its not black and it's not grey. Its a beautiful (as it says on the bottle!) slate colour, with a very slight shimmer sparkle in it.
Im sorry, but the photo's does not give it justice at all. But I can only promise, if your looking for that elegant black, without the Gothic status that goes with it, then this colour is for you.

It will go with almost any outfit and the lasting power is crazily good! Your probably wondering how you can get this look? Well most beauty salons now, do a gel polish. Maybe not this exact range, as there are hundreds of different brands out there. But a lot are very similar in colours. A full set will cost you anything between £15-£30, depending where you live. But if you haven't tried any gel polishes, then you should give it a go!

If you like this colour, but can't afford or justify this amount of money in one treatment, then there is a nail polish that is very similar. Its called Stormy Skies by MUA and it only cost £1.00. Wahooo!

Have you had a Gel Polish Manicure?

Big Love

Monday, 11 November 2013

MUA Madeness #6 Intense Kisses xxx

We all want the perfect pout don't we? Most makeup artists say, that glosses are the key trickery, to try and get the look of fuller lips. However, most glosses I find are very sticky, don't last well or long on the lips and the colours are a bit mehhh!

So when I heard Miss Budget Beauty rave about the MUA Intense Kisses, of course I had to go and see for myself.

Now at £2 each, I could have got the whole range of colours. But, I don't think my makeup storage would have allowed me to store any more! I decided to get a middle of the range colour, so I chose Quick Kiss. I have tried this product more than a few times and yeah, I like it. I'm not in love with it, but they are definitely better than most of your ordinary lip glosses.
The texture is not sticky at all, it feels really smooth and glides on really easily. I can find the texture a little too slippery for me, because I have noticed also, that it does bleed into the skin. Not a good look when you have worn off all of the lip gloss, and all your left with is a bleeding effect around the lip line. It just looks like you have really sore, cracked lips!

The colour pigment in the swatch/picture does look pretty intense. But that was 3 layers on top of each other. Which is ok, but more layers = more bleeding into the skin. 

What I will say is that, these are good if you put a lip liner on first and you want to bring it life with a gloss. These are great for that, as they really put umph back into the lip pencil. Plus this will help stop with the bleeding and help last the colour pigment, a lot longer on the lips. Not only that, they will give you a great high shine without giving you the fullness or density of a lipstick. So if you want to wear a smokey eye and bring it to life with a pop of colour, then something like the Intense Kisses will work really well.

Like I said, I don't hate it. But, I think if you purchase this, you really have to find what works well for you.

Have you tried this? What did you think of it?

Big Love 

Monday, 4 November 2013

Gold Rush xxx

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved Silver Jewellery. I always thought gold seemed tacky on me and if it wasn't the right gold, I almost looked fake.

However, since building my jewellery site and looking into buying and selling products, gold is really standing out for me. I feel really different about it and I think it looks kinda ok on me. Maybe because I am older? I do feel classier in gold and there are many ways of making it look grungy. I guess its what you choose and how you wear it, that makes a total difference.

I was recently in New Look and saw that they have a lot of gold fashion/costume jewellery. Some of it was really tasteful. Some, not so tasteful. However, I did pick up some thick gold band rings, a spiral ring and a snake, above the knuckle ring.

I absolutely adore all of them, especially the gold bands. I feel that they can brighten up most outfits and look sensational with a black outfit. They really do stand out.

I confess, that the gold spring is for a very bad habit of mine, that I can't seem to kick. I got it because I still suck my thumb at night (sad, I know!) and because I have braces, I need to stop. So to help, I put the spring on my thumb and that tells my brain......NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Also, it looks good, but does a good job at the same time!

Last, but by no means the least, is the above the knuckle ring. I have wanted one of these for yonks, but have never really found one that I like. I think its great for casual wear, but also great for the evening.

I totally understand that all of these pieces are not gonna last terribly long. However, when your talking of simply a few pounds and fashions changing all the time, I still think they are great to lighten up any outfit. I love them and I think they were a total bargain.

As soon as my shop is up and running, I will let all of you know. I am really excited about it I can't wait until you all see it.

Which ring is your fave?

Big Love

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Body Shop Party xxx

So last week, I got friends together at my house and it was a great excuse to all catch up, plus it was my excuse to smell and try beauty products!

What do the Body Shop Parties consist of? Well in my case it was really easy. I know someone who is a consultant. However, if you don't know someone, then if you click on the link, it will direct you to their web page and then click Host A Party. That will take you to the relevant parts on their website and then, you can too, host your own party! Its as easy as that!

Its a brilliant way to have some food, a good laugh, chat about nonsense and at a time like this, search for Christmas presents in the comfort of your own home. I laced my living room with plenty of foods and drinks, put on a log fire and some subtle music in the back ground, with soft lighting. Everyone seemed super comfortable and happy. In my honest opinion, a perfect night in!

The consultant Ruth, was amazing! She put everyone at ease, she is super fun and her very strong Bristolian accent is just fab! First of all she filled up loads of bowls, with hot water and it was time to get stuck in. We washed our hands with an assortment of hand gels, that smelt out of this world! Then we gave them a good scrub with an exfoliator, again, the scents were great. Then last but not least, we gave them a nourishing drink with hand cream. Our hands have never felt or smelt better!

Whilst washing down drinks (soft drinks!) and eating pizza, we got down to the nitty gritty.....MAKEUP!

Ruth wasn't scared of putting her products out on the table, we just all got stuck in. Obviously, any help we needed Ruth was there at hand, but we all felt really comfortable to go crazy.

We were all really interested in The Body Shop Skin Enhancer.

It is a illuminating primer, that really really worked. We all tried it on our skin and wowzers, we all looked 12 years younger! We all wanted to get out hands on it, but guess what? It wasn't in the catalogue *sob, sob, sob!* So Body Shop, if you are reading, you NEED to put this back in the book. I would have looked younger and Ruth would have gone home a richer lady! I am definitely gonna try and see if I can get this anywhere, as it seems to be discontinued. *Waaahhhhhhhhh!*

However, as whole I did buy some products and so did my friends. All you have to do is fill out a form, with all of your details and product number and then the consultant will put the order through and send it straight to your door. Easy Peasy!

Not only that, whoever hosts the party and can get their friends to spend £150.00 between them, you then get £25.00 worth of free products. Isn't that great?!

As a whole I had a great night, I hope my friends did too. Also a massive thank you to Ruth, for being such a great consultant.
I cannot wait to try out these products and share with you my thoughts.

Have you tried any of these products? Or have you ever had a Body Shop Party?

Big Love